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Acumen Disc 1 to 16 SATA III Hard Drive Duplicator (up to 600MB/s) - Multiple 3.5" & 2.5" HDD & SSD Memory Card Copier & Sanitizer (DoD Compliant)

Acumen Disc 1 to 16 SATA III Hard Drive Duplicator (up to 600MB/s) - Multiple 3.5" & 2.5" HDD & SSD Memory Card Copier & Sanitizer (DoD Compliant)

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Introducing SATA III Hard Drive Duplicators!

The Newest and Fastest Hard Drive Disk Duplicators in the market with maximum copying speed of 600mb per second!

Acumen Disc ™ Hard Drive duplication systems are hi-speed units with duplication speeds up to 600MBps SATA III Hard Drives with just a single touch of a button. With easy to read LCD Display and user friendly unit that are DoD Compliant.

This series will produce mirror images of 2.5" or 3.5" SATA I, II or III HDD (Hard Drive Disk) / SSD (Solid State Drive) as it copies the data sector by sector from the source drive to the target drives simultaneously as it supports all brand, operating system or format of the drives. 

The copy modes include partition and boot sector information for a perfect clone. Acumen Disc ™'s High Performance HDD Duplicators have 3 different erasing data mode as this feature has been added to ensure that there are no trace of content left behind and for the consumers security and give users a peace of mind.  

Acumen Disc ™'s hard drive systems are superb problem solvers for business, education & government where duplicating existing hard drive data needs to be accomplished in minimal time.

Please Note: This unit contains tray-less slot.

Both 3.5" & 2.5" SATA Hard Drive Disks can be inserted into the slot without the need of an adapter. (Solid State Drives can be inserted into the 2.5" Slot as well)


Key Features:

  • High speed duplication speed - up to 600MBp/s - depends on the speed of Hard Drive Disk
  • Duplicates 3.5", 2.5" SATA I, SATA II & SATA III hard drives (SSD can be inserted on 2.5" slot) 
  • Clone Sector by Sector from Source HDD to the copied targets HDD
  • Copy, Compare HDD, PreScan, DoD Compliant Erase functions
  • Standalone - No computer needed
  • LCD Display for easy to read and understand
  • Self Diagnostics automatically run on power-up
  • Downloadable firmware updates (if available)
  • One Year Limited Warranty


DOD Erase Function and Sanitizer Key Features:

  • DoD 5220.22-M Data Sanitation Compliant
  • Permanently wipes sensitive data to counter data reminiscence
  • Secure Erase: Deletes and replace the entire hard drive data with zero strings


Hardware Key Features:

  • Durable Case for Longtime Usage
  • Cooling Fan for air circulations
  • High Performance Power Supply
  • Adapter Kit Included for 2.5" HDD



Duplicator Mode
1. System and Files
2. All Partition
3. Whole HDD
Operating Type
Stand Alone (No PC Required)
16 Target  (16 HDD copy)
Control Button
4 push buttons (▲ / ▼ / OK / ESC)
Maximum Speed Supported
36GB/min (600MB/sec) - max speed depends on the Hard Drives/SSD
Language Support
Duplicator Mode
Quick Copy (System and Files), Whole HDD
Erase Options
Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase
Supported HDD
Support all major brands of 2.5”, 3.5” SATA HDD & SSD
No Limitations
Whole HDD Copy Supported Format
All Major Format
Quick Copy supported Format
Support FAT16/32, exFAT, NTFS, Linux(Ext2/Ext3/Ext4)
Power Consumption
Input Voltage Required
Storage Temperature
5°C ~ 45°C
Operating Temperature
-20°C ~85°C
Storage Humidity
20% ~ 80%
Operating Humidity
5% ~ 95%


Copying Option
Source Target Supported
3.5" SATA HDD 3.5" SATA HDD Yes
3.5" SATA HDD 2.5" SATA HDD / SSD Yes
2.5" SATA HDD / SSD 2.5" SATA HDD / SSD Yes
2.5" SATA HDD / SSD 3.5" SATA HDD Yes