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Collection: ISO DVD

Acumen Disc™ ISO Duplicator support ISO file transfer via USB from PC hard drive. ISO image files can be easily transfer with a simple mouse drag and drop from "my computer" folder to the duplicator's hard drive folder. USB cable is not included.

It's a simple steps of creating an ISO file, "drag and drop" from your PC's my computer folder to the hard drive of the duplicator, then pick the source from the HDD and start your duplication process.

It is that easy! Save the wear and tear of the original disc and store it on the hard drive of the duplicator. Just simply create ISO and sent it to the duplicator from your desktop PC!

Please Note: The ISO Duplicator connects the PC to Hard Drive of the Duplicator. Non-ISO Duplicator's external USB option connects PC to one of the burner of the Duplicator.

Please purchase the regular tower duplicator with external USB option if you wish to connect to one of the burner instead.

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