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Collection: Flatbed HDD Duplicators

Acumen Disc ™  Flatbed Hard Disk Drive (HDD)  Duplicators are the best in the duplication market. A complete standalone unit that can clone a 3.5" and 2.5" hard drive up to a speeds of 300MB/sec and 600MB/sec to multiple hard drive disks with just a single touch of a button.

The unique case of an open space platform allows each hard drive to be inserted on to the connection of each vertical flatbed slot. With a reliable power supply there is no cooling down period for continuous duplication of each SATA Hard Drive Disks.

It copies the data sector by sector from the source drive to the target drives simultaneously, regardless of capacity, brand, operating system or format of the drives. The copy includes partition and boot sector information for a perfect clone.

Acumen Disc ™  HDD Duplicators are also DoD compliant when it comes to sanitizing / erasing data in the hard drive, this feature has been added to ensure that there are no trace of content left behind and for the consumers security and peace of mind.

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