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Collection: Bi-Directional Blu-Ray / Flash Memory Duplicator

With the best interest in our customer needs, we proudly introduce our new Acumen Disc™ Bi-Directional Multimedia & Disc Duplicator.

The CrossOver!

Unlike other machines on the market, this Multimedia Duplicator is truly an all-in-one duplicator. Most of other products on the market are only able to either copy from multimedia to BD-R discs or BD-R discs to multimedia, our Multimedia Duplicator is capable of coping in both ways Blu-Ray disc to Blu-Ray discs and multimedia to Blu-Ray discs.

.... and from Disc to One Flash Media and also One Flash Media to Flash Media Copy!

Looking for?:

  • USB to Blu-Ray BD-R / DVD / CD
  • CompactFlash (CF) to Blu-Ray BD-R / DVD / CD
  • Secure Digital (SD) to Blu-Ray BD-R / DVD / CD
  • Memory Stick to Blu-Ray BD-R / DVD / CD

Yes to all those. Vice versa as well! Blu-Ray discs, DVD or CD to One of the memory card.... or one flash memory to one flash memory as well. That is why it is so versatile and a complete back up center!

Four Different Copying Modes

Optical Disc to Optical Disc

  • Optimum performance and compatibility with all major brands of DVD discs and other major premium brand BD-R, DVD or CD discs.

 Flash Media to Optical Disc

  • Disc Spanning: Allows larger memory card and USB device, whose contents might exceed the capacity of a single Blu-Ray/DVD disc, to be placed onto the appropriate number of optical discs.
  • Multi-Session: Allows several memory cards or USB devices to be placed onto one Blu-ray/ CD/ DVD disc.

 Optical Disc to Flash Media

  • The data copied from Optical disc will be stored in a separate folder in the flash media, and the original data in the flash media will not be erased.
(The CrossOver exclusive feature)
Bi-Directional CrossOver Duplicator Disc backup to Flash media ( USB, SD, microSD, CF card)

 Flash Media to Flash Media

Bi-Directional CrossOver Media Mirror Duplicator Flash media backup to Flash media (USB, SD, microSD, CF card)
  • Copying the valid data area of flash media to flash media.
(The CrossOver exclusive feature)
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