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Collection: Multimedia to Disc Backup Duplicators

 With the best interest in our customer needs, we proudly introduce our new Acumen Disc Multimedia Duplicator.

     Unlike other machines on the market, this Multimedia Duplicator is truly an all-in-one duplicator. Most of other products on the market are only able to either copy from multimedia to CD-DVD or CD-DVD to multimedia, our Multimedia Duplicator is capable of coping in both ways CD-DVD to CD-DVD and multimedia to CD-DVD.

Two Different Copying Modes

 Optical Disc to Optical Disc

  • Optimum performance and compatibility with all major brands of DVD drive, including Plextor, Lite-On and so on.

 Flash Media to Optical Disc

  • Disc Spanning: Allows larger memory card and USB device, whose contents might exceed the capacity of a single DVD/CD disc, to be placed onto the appropriate number of optical discs.
  • Multi-Session: Allows several memory cards or USB devices to be placed onto one Blu-ray/ CD/ DVD disc.
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