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USB Duplicators

Acumen Disc USB Multiple Flash Memory Card Duplicators. Type-A IF compliant drives compatible with high speed copying up to 35mb/seconds. 

All USB Duplicators comes with 4 different Copy Modes and 4 Erase Modes with DoD Compliant 3-pass & 7-pass erase.

Acumen Disc™ USB Tower series duplicators can copy USB flash drives and external hard drives. We have the best USB flash drive compatibility on the market with features and functions that all USB duplicators need.

The FlashMax series comes with ergonomically design slope that makes USB drives insertion easy without damage to the USB connector. Reliable, durable, and lightweight designed case make this duplicator dependable and elegant at the same time!

The ASYNCHRONOUS copy mode are available on our USB duplicators to save your time as more targets can save time by making more USB copies. Our Intelligent copy mode makes copy easy by copying System and Files only as there are no need to copy the whole media by figuring out which essential files are needed.  The standard copy support all kinds of file systems, file size and card/drive capacity.

Acumen Disc SD Duplicators

Acumen Disc™  USB Duplicators have three series.

Check out the Tower series which have the compatibility for USB flash media and USB external drives (must have its own power source)

The FlashMax series has the ergonomic heavy duty case with handle for carry-on. Please check out both series to find what will suit your USB Duplication needs.  

Compact USB Duplicators series feature autostart copy mode of plug and use. No buttons to navigate, just insert the USB flash media with indication lights to indicate progress mode and completion status.

  • For USB flash media & USB Drives (must have its own power source) 
  • Tower models range from 7 to 199
  • 4 Different Copy Modes & 4 Erase Modes
  • Secure Case with slope trajectory for easy USB insertion
  • 4 Different Copy Modes & 4 Erase Modes
  • 15 Copies, 31 Copies & 39 Copies models

    USB Compact Duplicator

    • Plug and Use autostart copy modes
    • Indicator lights for progress and completion status
    • Design for easy to use without complications; 9 Copy Duplicator for more advanced users