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Collection: Embedded USB eUSB Storage Duplicator

Embedded USB Flash Memory Storage Drives Duplicators for Storage Drives. Target sizes range from 7 to 23 copies embedded USB Duplicators are available.

Acumen Disc™ Embedded USB (EUSB) duplicators can copy USB flash drives and external hard drives.  We have the best eUSB storage drives compatibility on the market with features and functions that all USB duplicators need.

The ASYNCHRONOUS copy mode are available on our eUSB duplicators to save your time as more targets can save time by making more eUSB copies. Our Intelligent copy mode makes copy easy by copying System and Files only as there are no need to copy the whole media by figuring out which essential files are needed.  The standard copy support all kinds of file systems, file size and card/drive capacity.

Don't forget about DoD compliant erase function! as this erase mode permanently deletes sensitive data. Total  Standalone unit. No software needed.

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