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1 to 15 FlashMax SD Duplicator - Standalone Secure Digital Flash Memory Storage Card Copier

1 to 15 FlashMax SD Duplicator - Standalone Secure Digital Flash Memory Storage Card Copier

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The FlashMAX Duplicators are the only duplicators that give you both an innovative design and an exceptional performance.

The FlashMAX dedicated developer team has brought the duplicator to a whole new level with a new convenient and stylish design. With FlashMAX Duplicator, your duplicator is now more ergonomic, more user friendly and even portable making your daily tasks easier than ever.

The 15 copy Secure Digital (SD) memory card Duplicator is the newest flash media version to join the FlashMax Duplicator family.

With the FlashMAX 15 SD Duplicator, you can easily copy up to 15 SD flash memory card simultaneously without the worries of facing compatibility or control issues.

For your convenient, FlashMAX 15 copy SD Duplicator is a ready-to-use standalone unit. You do not need a computer or any software installation. However, you still have the control over the machine’s functionality with the user-friendly 4 button control and a clear-text LCD screen.

The FlashMAX 15 Copy SD Duplicator's new system supports all types of file format and sizes. Four different Erase modes (Quick Erase, Full Erase, and 2 DoD erase).are also available.

Unlike traditional tower duplicator that strictly suits for working environment, this new FlashMAX duplicator is also this new FlashMAX duplicator is also a state of art masterpiece. You can place on any of your favorite spots at home or at work, thank to its new modern and eye-catching design.

Not only do FlashMAX Duplicators bring in a new look, it also come with a powerful performance. FlashMAX Duplicator offers a transfer rate up to 2GB/min. It also features the improved SOTA technology which gives it the ability to copy asynchronous with source files that are larger than system memory.

Key Features:​​

  • Support up to 15 Secure Digital (SD) memory card Copies
  • Standalone solution; no PC or software is needed
  • Up to 35mb per second (2GB per min) copy speed per channel - copy speed depend on the max speed of the SD cards used
  • Supports all file formats, file size & drive capacities
  • Support Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes.
  • 4 Different Erase Modes (Quick, Full, TWO DoD erase - 3 & 7 pass)
  • With improved SOTA technology, FlashMAX duplicators can do Asynchronous copy even if the source data size is bigger than duplicator system memory
  • Flash media check function
  • Unique Source Analysis feature
  • Real time copy and compare technology (copy one section and compare, then copy another section and compare again) to reach higher efficiency of copy compare process.
  • No warm-up or cool-down required
  • Heavy-duty construction, built for daily operation
  • Portable, user friendly ergonomic design makes daily tasks easier

​​Copy Modes:

Whole media copy - Comprehensive (Full Copy)

Whole Media copy will copy the entire SD regardless of whether it has been partitioned or not. Longer Duplication Time is expected for full copy.

System and Files Copy – Intelligent Copy (Quick Copy)

System and Files Copy copies only stored system and files data, not unused space area. Intelligent Copies that duplicates essential files in the SD to save time.

Example: Partition 1 has a capacity of 158GB with 58GB of data in it. Only 58GB of data will be copied while unused space area will not be copied. 

All Partition Copy – Copies partitioned area only

Example: a 600GB SD has two partitions as Partition 1 with 158GB and Partition 2 with 200GB. While All Partition Copy mode is selected, these two partitions will be copied and the undefined area will not be copied.

Percentage Copy - Setting up the Start & End Point for Copy

When the file system of a SD is undefined, Percentage Copy can be used by setting up the starting and ending point of data to copy.

Erase Modes:

Quick Erase - Essential Files

Erase the index of a SD within a few seconds.

Full erase - Entire Drive

Erase the data from a SD by overwriting each sector which is able to read/write data.

3-Pass DoD

Erase SD 3 times complying with the 5220.22-M data erase security standard of the U.S. Department of Defense.

7-Pass DoD

Erase SD 7 times complying with the 5220.22-M ECE data erase security standard of the U.S. Department of Defense to ensure the data is unable to be recovered.


FlashMAX SD Duplicator series
Operating Type
Stand-alone (No PC Required)
Up to 15 Targets SD Copies
Silver side / Black front panel
Internal Interface
Secure Digital Card
Language Support
2 x 16 Backlit
Supported Media
  • Secure Digital SD
  • SDHC
  • SD Pro
  • Micro SD*
  • Mini SD*
  • Mini SD Pro*
  • SD HS
  • WI-FI SD
  • Super HS SD
(*Adapter Required)
    Copy Speed
    Up to 2GB per minute (speed depends on Secure Digital Card used)
    System Memory
    Copy Modes

    Synchronous or Asynchronous

    • System and Files Copy
    • Whole Media Copy
    • All Partition Copy (partitions will be copied and the undefined area will not be copied)
    • Percentage Copy (Percentage Copy can be used by setting up the starting and ending point of data to copy)
    Format Supported
    1. Quick Copy:
      Window format: exFAT, FAT16/32, NTFS
      Linux: EXT2 / EXT3 / EXT4
      macOS: HFS, HFS+, HFSX
    2. Whole Media Copy: All Formats
    Erase Modes
    • Quick Erase (Data only)
    • Full Erase
    • 3 Pass DoD 5220.22-M Erase
    • 7 Pass DoD 5220.22-M ECE Erase
    Operating Temperature
    41° ~ 122°F
    Operating Humidity
    15% ~ 90%
    115V - 230V
    12.6 (L) x 7.5 (W) x 7.0 (Rear Height) inch; 8.9 lbs



    Copy process starts immediately when a new target is inserted, does not have to wait for all target devices get ready. It saves a lot of time during inserting the target device, the more targets the more time is saved.

    Exclusive technology enables asynchronous operation without the restrictions of memory size.