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SAMSUNG SH-S224DB SATA Internal 24x DVD Burner Writer Drive

SAMSUNG SH-S224DB SATA Internal 24x DVD Burner Writer Drive
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SAMSUNG SH-S224DB is developed for speed, performance and reliability. Some of the nice features include reading the latest software titles and write on discs, supports powerful over-speed performance which writes at the high speed of 24x on a low cost 16x media. This drive also saves you money in the long run and with the low noise and vibration control system for high speed, it allows this drive to fit comfortably in any home or office enviroment. With high speed performance and quality you can depend on, this Samsung drive is a perfect addition to any system setup.


Please note: The OEM Bulk drive will not include any other accessories (such as cables or software). Only the OEM drive will be ship by itself in a brown box.



  - Power speed technology for 24x writing
  - Firmware live update
  - Double Optimum Power Control in DVD+R
  - Speed Adjustment Technology
  - Prevents buffer under run error and enables high speed writing
  - RoHS compliant (eco-product)


  - Buffer Memory: 2MB
  - Interface: SATA
  - Supported Disc Formats:
       - DVD-RW, DVD-RW DL DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, CD-R, CD-RW
       - CD-ROM/XA, CD-ROM, CD-Audio, Video-CD, CD-I(FMV)
       - Photo CD, CD-Extra, CD-TEXT


  - Data Transfer Rate:
       - CD-R: Write 48x(7.2MB/sec) | Read 40x(6.0MB/sec)
       - CD-RW: Write 32x(4.8MB/sec) | Read 40x(6.0MB/sec)
       - CD-ROM: Read 48x(7.2MB/sec)
       - DVD-ROM: Read 16x(21.6MB/sec)
       - DVD+R: Write 24x(29.7MB/sec) | Read 16x(21.6MB/sec)
       - DVD-R: Write 24x (29.7MB/sec) | Read 16x(21.6MB/sec)
       - DVD+ DL: Write 16x(21.6MB/sec) | Read 12x(16.2MB/sec)
       - DVD+RW: Write 8x(10.8MB/sec) | Read 12x(16.2MB/sec)
       - DVD-RW: Write 6x(8.1MB/sec) | Read 12x(16.2MB/sec)
       - DVD-RAM: Write 12x(16.2MB/sec) | Read 12x(16.2MB/sec)


  - Performance Features:
       - Burst Transfer Rate: 
              - PIO Mode4 (16.6MB/sec)
              - DMA Mode2 (16.6MB/sec)
              - UDMA Mode2 (32.2MB/sec)


  - Product Weights & Dimensions (WxHxD):148.2x42.170mm (.165lb)


This item will be shipped from our New Jersey or California warehouse depending on the availability of the supply. Length of shipping will varies depending on from the warehouse to your location.

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