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FLASHFORGE Finder Single Extrusion 3D Printer

New FLASHFORGE Finder Single Extrusion 3D Printer
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The FLASHFORGE Finder – The new way to the 3D world.

The FLASHFORGE Finder is an affordable 3D printer for every one who want to make their first step into the 3D world. If you are interested in building your first 3D art work but are not certain how make the first move, the Flashforge Finder is your best choice. As its name implies, the Finder was invented with to help people like you to "Find" the right path into the wonder world of 3D printing.

A great machine does not need to have multiple functions or to be highly configurable. A great machine is the machine that does perfectly the job it is meant for. Most 3D printers on the market aim for multiple functions and come with high cost. Those might be great machines for advanced user or professioanl user but not so for beginners. As those fancy features usually end up leaving the new users confused and frustrated. Plus the high price tag is often the entry barrier for many 3D printing newcomers. 

The Finder stands out to be the best 3D printer for beginners. The Finder is simple, easy to used and especially very affordable. With that saying, the Finder still holds the high quality standard of Flashforge 3D printer. The Finder is made off high qualify plastic composite that can withstand heat and moiture. It also comes with automatic bed leviling which will self-adjust in case of any discrepency. 

Low Price Tag - High Value

The Flashforge Finder 3D printer commits to be a highly user-friendly machine for beginners.

- One material, PLA only for less confusion. You don't have to worry about adjusting temperature and never mess up your work.

- One extruder for simple design and easy operation. Simple design is the best way for your first step. 

Industry standard of 0.004" resolution. Your art is just as nice as the Pro. 

- 3.5" high contrast touchscreen and a clear and simple menu layout which helps the users easily operate the machine. No confusion with what you do. 

- Large printing space up to  5in x 5in x 5in. Large designs are always cool but too large could be a problem. We figured it out 5" in is the best size.

- Wifi is standard. We are in the mobile era, everything must be wireless. But if you want, USB cable and USB thumbdrive is also available standard. 

- Modern and beautifu desgin. We know you love art so you must love the beauty. 

Powerful Software

Come to together with the Finder is FlashPrint, a powerful yet easy-to-use 3D design software. FlashPrint  is suitable for both beginner and experienced users. It packs with  a lot of preset function helping new user easily create a model. It can also switch to manual mode to give experienced user a total control over the system.  




Key Features:

  • ARM Contex-M4 CPU processor, computing faster
  • IPS material 3.5 in multi-language touchscreen LCD panel operation
  • Self-developed Flashprint model slice driver process
  • Support with WiFi connection, uploading the printing file to machine
  • Can upgrade firmware on the machine, to keep it always up-to-date
  • Support with USB 2.0 
  • High-end plastic-alloy body, a sense of fashion and technology
  • Support with Windows XP/7/8 32/64 bit and Mac OS
  • Compatible with Skeinforge and Slic3r slicing Optional effect of slicing
  • The design of built-in filament chamber solve the wire winding issue
  • Built-in multiple user-defined LED pixel strips
  • Easy to operate, Upgrade the Modular design of extruder



Model FlashForge Finder
Extruder Number Single Extruder
Supported OS Windows, OS X
Software STL/X3G
Packing Size 19.7” x 19.7” x 19.7”
Actual Size 16.5” x 16.5” x 16.5”
Positioning Precision 0.0001” on Z axis, 0.0004” on XY plane
Packing Weight 61 pounds
Actual Weight 44 pounds
Resolution 0.004”
Build Volume 5.5” x 5.5” x 5.5”
Filament Compatibility PLA ONLY - Dreamer / Finder Series
Included In the Box
  • FLASHFORGE Finder 
  • One Spools of Filament (1.5 lbs PLA - random color)
  • USB Cable
  • Tool Kits


Recommended Filament for 100% compatible: 

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