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BuMat Elite ABS Conductive Filament

BuMat Elite ABS Conductive Filament
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Yes, we really mean "conductive". The new BUMAT ABS Conductive filament is capable of conduct electricity like a copper wire. This ability helps you expand even more with your 3D printing projects as now you can print conductive parts such as circuit boards, anti-static/static dissipative parts such as grounding parts. 


BUMAT ABS Conductive filament is made off the high quality BUMAT ELITE ABS with some extra BUMAT special formula to give it the special and practical ability of conducting electricity. Thus, it inherits all the high quality characteristic of BUMAT EILTE ABS like breakage resistant, high and low temparture tolerance.  


All of our spool of filament come in a vacuum-sealed package that sealed air tight.




            Type                        ABS
           Length                 1.75 / 3.00 mm
           Weight        2.2 lbs (1 kg) / 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
        Temperature                     190-220 c



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