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BuMat Elite PLA Filament

BuMat Elite PLA Filament
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Bumat Elite PLA Filament adds more feautures in to the already high quality Bumat PLA filament. BuMat Elite PLA filament is a superior grade filament made with only the finest thermoplastic pellets. Extend the shelf life of bumats with the MoGuard specialty formula that provides an extra layer of protection against humidity and prevents atmospheric moisture from entering. Industry-leading tolerance levels and precise roundness throughout the bumats guarantee consistent extrusion volume. So the quality of your prints leaps beyond expectations, every time.


Plus, thank to the Bumat Elite PLA's high quality material, it can be produced with more color option that make it eve more distinct from the standar Bumat PLA filament.


All of our spool of filament come in a vacuum-sealed package that sealed air tight.



            Type                        PLA
           Length                 1.75 / 3.00 mm
           Weight        2.2 lbs (1 kg) / 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
        Temperature                     160-180 c



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