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BuMat Elite Nylon Filament

BuMat Elite Nylon Filament
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If you are looking for a type of filament that is lighter, more flexible and better bonding than the regular ABS/PLA for your project, Bumat Elite Nylon filament is your best choice. 


Bumat Nylon filament is much lighter than ABS and PLA . It makes the post-printing work much easier. You can spend all of your effort into polishing the detail on your final products as you can move, turn, rotate them effortlessly.


Being more flexible gives Bumat Nylon filament an advantage when it comes to printing objects with many little details. With other filaments, these detail parts tend to break easily as they are too brittle. With Nylon, they are now far less brittle to be broken. 


Bumat Nylon filament is also known to have a better bonding than other type of filament thank to the nature of polymer material. With such capability, Nylon is a perfect fit for printing objects with curvy shapes but have no support structure like vases and lanterns. 


All of our spool of filament come in a vacuum-sealed package that sealed air tight.




            Type                      PLA
           Length                      1.75
           Weight                2.2 lbs (1 kg) 
      Temperature                  250-270 c
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