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New Flashforge Observer 3D Scanner
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The FLASHFORGE Observer is the ideal handheld 3D scanner for 3D Portrait Studio, 3D Printing Service Center that need a quick, textured and accurate scan of half / full human body, or other medium-sized objects.

With the statement of providing the best value-for-money products, The Flashforge engineers have equipped the Obeserver with all the best available features in the industry

+ Turn table is standard

Come together with the Obeserver is a high durability turn table to improve your 3D scanning experience. The turn table helps stablelize the model while rotating for 360 degree scanning. Withouth the turn table, both the model and the scanner have to move around which causes the poor quality of the scanning result.

+ Super high scanning resolution

The Flashforge Observer defeats most of other amateur and advance 3D scanner with its super high scanning resolution. The Observer is capable of capturing every detail of your object with astonishing precision up to 200 Microns

+ Capture vibrant colors

The Flashforge Observer with its high-purity optical lens will ensure more vibrant and accurate color collection of your model.

+ Invisible light scanning

Many of similar products on the market produce flash light or laser beam while scanning which can irritate the model eyes. The Flashforge Observer utilizes invisible light wave to scan the object. So it is absolutely safe to use on human.



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